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Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most practical of all blinds, offering full light control of your windows. They suite all types of houses, homes, and offices; and are quick to install and easy to maintain. We offer 100% full blockout fabric to stop the harsh sun from entering your home. Vertical blinds are by far the most affordable blind available, offer high performance, longevity, and customizations. Standard vertical blinds come with child-safe wand controls (however chain options are available). Our verticals are either made in 127mm or 89mm slat widths. All blinds come with included hangers, and a choice of chainless, chained, or sewn-in bottom weights.

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Verticals are the best all-in-one solution for covering your windows and sliding doors. They're ideal for very wide openings, ensuring easy operation for even the largest blinds. The fabric range for our Verticals is extensive with a wide selection of blockout and light-filtering variants, and colours to match any style or theme.

127mm VS 89mm

Window sills which are narrower than 90mm should have 89mm blinds installed, or alternatively 127mm blinds installed on the outside (meaning Face) of the window frame (if space allows). This will create greater coverage and more privacy. 127mm Verticals are the most suitable option for most windows, but please make sure your windows frame thickness is deep enough for these blinds to fit. If you have a mullion in the window, you won't necessarily need 89mm Verticals, as 127mm blinds may be installed inside the window frame using extension brackets.

Blockout VS Light Filtering

Blockout blinds are the most popular option for Australian homes, due to the strong Australian Sun and Heat. Full Blockout fabric will provide darkness and privacy, and is perfect for facilitating sleep by blocking out direct daylight from seeping in through the fabric. Light filtering blinds offer privacy whilst at the same time allow light to come through. It's the perfect solution for darker homes, or rooms which don't get a lot of natural sunlight. The selection of colours for both blockout and light-filtering fabrics is vast, so you can even mix and match different types for different rooms, whilst keeping the same colour scheme.

  • Perfect for Sliding Doors and Large Windows
  • VB40 WHITE Rail (Full Size Track)
  • Affordable Window Furnishing
  • Full Light & Direction Control
  • Easy to Install using Easy-Clip Brackets
  • Fully Child Safe Product
  • 10 Year Rail Warranty 5 Year Track Warranty 2 Year Fabric Warranty (See more details here)

The most vital part of a Vertical Blind is its track, as the quality of components used will determine whether it will last years or only months. The AQBO tracks are made using a fusion of high quality UNILINE and ACMEDA branded componentry, ensuring the toughest lifespan of your blind.

AQBO Vertical Blinds are fully BRISBANE-MADE, and manufactured to our own custom design, ensuring the longest lasting lifespan of your product. Tracks need to be made solidly to handle repeated use, but need to be soft to allow for an easy-glide operation. This is where AQBO Verticals have their advantage!

We don’t cut corners -- We use conventional VB40 Tracks which are stronger and more durable (than Slimline), as well as mainly metal components (instead of plastic).

Our Advantages = Your Benefits

Stainless-Steel Spacer Links
  • Metal instead of Plastic
  • Longer Lasting
  • Less prone to Breakages
Secured with Screws
  • Ultra Durable Technology
  • Secured using screws
  • (instead of tieing or glueing components together)
Saturated Operating Cord
  • Cords won’t Fray or Stretch
  • Benefits Cord-Operated
  • Blinds by not disintegrating in Sun Exposure
  • 1000x More Durable than basic multi-threaded cord
Screw-Secured Wands
  • AQBO Wands are part of the track itself (as apposed to hooked on seperately)
  • Hooked wands are prone to breakages when misued and may come off.
  • Screw-Secured wands are a part of the track itself
  • Your choice of Left or Right Controls
  • Child-Safe Wands or Chain Operated
  • 127mm vs 89mm
  • Easy clip brackets
  • Wands already fitted in wand controlled tracks
  • Different bracket types for each installation type (Inside Reveal, Face Fitted, Extended Reveal)

Not Sure? Need Help?

If you have any questions or queries about any aspect in designing your blind, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist and advise