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Timber Venetians

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Timber Venetians

AQBO Timber blinds offer a nice way to add a contemporary feel to your home. Their classic earthy appearance will make the blind seem as part of the room itself, instead of just a furnishing over the window

Our timber blinds range includes traditional 50mm Basswood, as well as the highly popular 50mm Econowood. Both are a high quality product made from premium timber, and offer full light and privacy control. Basswood is made from real timber and is a fully natural product. Econowood is made from fused timber and plastic, creating a wood-look appearance. Select the product you are interested in to find out more information.

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Which should I choose? Basswood or Econowood?

Both venetians offer the benefit of adding an earthy element to you home. They operate in exactly the same manner, with a set of cords for tilting and set for lifting and drawing. Both are made using high quality materials, and aluminium mechanisms within the headrail of the blind. They are NOT made using plastic components which may deteriorate over time. This ensures the longevity of your AQBO timber blind! Both types also come with their own range of neutral colours to suite most decors and interior themes.

The main differences


  • Smooth Slats
  • Made from 100% real natural timber
  • Colour range has more timber colours
  • Natural Product: Prone to natural imperfections in the timber. May show signs of aging over the extended long term.
  • Premium selection


  • Slightly Embossed Slats (giving a timber-look affect)
  • Made by fusing timber and plastic in a extrusion process
  • Colour range designed for more modern designs
  • As a synthetic product, it will last longer than Basswood over the extended long term life of the product
  • Economical Selection
FREE Decorative Pelmet Valance Supplied

To cover the main rail

Full Light Control
  • Tilting Cords control the direction of slats and light
  • Lifting Cords can raise or lower the whole blind
Fully Customizable
  • Custom-made to your exact measurements
Child Safe Product
  • No Looped Cords or Chains
  • Manufactured to Australian Regulations
3 Year Warranty
  • Anti-Fading
  • Anti-Bowing
  • Anti-Chipping
  • Durable Long Lasting
  • Product Life
100% Australian Owned Provider

Manufacturing highest quality products for Australians, by Australians

AQBO Timber Venetians are 100% made by Australian providers using top quality components and materials, ensuring the longevity of your product.
As a premium product, its protected against mould (and moisture retention), UV sun damage, and accidental shock impacts. All internal operating components are aluminum rather than plastic movable pieces. Both Basswood and Econowood 50mm slats are slow-dried to prevent warping.

  • 50mm Slats for both Basswood & Econowood
  • Colour Matching Base Rail and Valance Pelmet
  • Choice of both operating and lifting control side
  • Colour Matched Cord and Acorn
  • All screws and brackets provided for most common installations
  • Easy Installation : Install your blind within minutes
  • See our installation section for more tips

Not Sure? Need Help?

If you have any questions or queries about any aspect in designing your blind, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist and advise