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100% Full Blockout

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100% Full Blockout


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100% Blockout
  • Full Privacy
  • Great for Bedroom, TV
    and Cinema Rooms
  • Extensive Fabric Range to suit all budgets

Enter Your Blind Size

Enter the width and height of the opening for your blind. For more instructions, please visit the "How to Measure" page

Change size below to see your price
Min width 300mm | Min height 300mm
Choose Your Fabric and Colour

Choose from our Range of Full Blockout Durable Fabrics OR Select to order a free sample

Choose your Fabric Color. To see more examples, see our fabric range section
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  • Order free sample Metallic Style
Customize your Design

By entering the location of where this blind is getting installed, you make your DIY job a lot easier.

Where is this blind getting installed?
Installation Type

If your window frame is deep enough, we recommend fitting the blind inside the reveal. Most doorways would have blinds fitted on the face of the architrave though.

Installed inside window frame or on outside frame? See our measuring section for more information.
Final Customizations

We recommend placing the chain opposite of the opening/breeze side of the window

Which side would you like the chain control to be?
Choose your Chain Colour

Select the colour of your chain. We recommend something similar to the fabric colour.

Please select your chain colour :
  • +$15.00
Choose your Bracket Colour

Select the colour of your bracket. We recommend something similar to the fabric colour.

Choose your Bracket Colour
Choose your Bottom Rail Shape

Oval bottom rails are usually more popular, but this is purely a aesthetic choice.

Choose your Bottom Rail Shape
Choose your Bottom Rail Colour

We recommend colour matching the bottom rail with the blind. Silver is most neutral if you can't decide.

Choose your Bottom Rail Colour
Select your Roll Direction

Over Rolled blinds work best for blinds fitted inside the window frame (REV) as they lay flush with the window. Under Roll blinds work better when face fitted as they roll back closer towards the glass (reducing the light gap).

Select your Roll Direction


Vertical Blinds are a very popular product, offering maximum light control and practicality of use. They are very customizable, with many choices of bottom weights, fabric (blockout or Light Filtering), and valances. Vertical Blinds are best known for their convenience to suite any window or installation type, and are often ideal for rental properties. Their design matches any decor ranging from traditional to modern.
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Fabric Composition
  • 100% Polyester
  • Acrylic Coating
  • Foam Backing
Fabric Styles
  • Plain (Modern)
  • Patterned
  • Striped
  • Jacquard Weave

How Accurate are the Fabricts and Colours?

All fabrics and colours shown here are for reference purposes only. We try to match the fabric and colours to be as close as possible to real life, however due to varying individual screen settings, these results may differ. The best recommendation we can make is to order free samples before making a purchase. Please however also note that there may be minor variations between batches of fabric and samples. AQBO reserves the right to update the fabric selection at any time, to improve the customer designing process, and provide more accurate results.

High Quality Fabrics
  • Specially made for Australian homes and climates
Australian Manufacturing
  • All blinds are manufactured in Australia using a combination of High Quality Australian Fabrics & Components as well as select imported fabrics

Fabric Warranty Information

All AQBO blinds are made from fabric which is specifically designed to suite Australian standards and the harsh Australian Sun. Australian made fabrics have a 5 year warranty across the product range. Most Australian fabrics are flame retardant, and manufactured to comply with Building Codes class 2 to 9. Imported Quality Fabrics have a 2 Year fabric warranty. This covers faults such as fading, curling, and fraying. See our warranty view for more details of product guarantee.

How to clean you blinds?

Normal everyday dusting will remove any dust collected on the blinds. All of our Fabric Ranges which are made using Polyester + Acrylic will have anti-static properties for repelling dust.

To remove any larger dirt spots, its recommended to use a damp cloth, or hand vacumn cleaner with the proper attachment. Do not use bleach or any other detergent, as this may stain the blinds.

Most Blinds should be cleaned ideally once a month to maintain their new-blind presentation.

Should I install the blind INSIDE or OUTSIDE the window frame?

Most blinds can be installed INSIDE the window frame, so they take up less space and look flush even with the window. If there is something in the way (such as a mullion) then it may be better to install on the face of the window, to avoid the blind contact with obstacles. All face fitted blinds should be made slightly longer to allow for better coverage and privacy.

Inside Reveal
  • Install inside the window frame
  • Takes less window space up, as its fitted with the wall
  • Recommended to have the blind as as OVER ROLL (i.e. rolling away from the window)
Face Fitted
  • Installed on the outer frame of the window
  • Greater Coverage + More Privacy
  • Recommended to have the blind as as UNDER ROLL (i.e. rolling back towards the window).

** For more details, see the measuring guide for practical advice on how to properly measure your blinds. **

How to get the longest life out of your blinds?

Blinds are something you buy or refresh every 10 or so years. When buying a high quality product, proper care and maintenance is essential for the longest lasting blinds.
Below are some tips on proper usage of the product.

  • Make sure pets or infants do not play with the blindsBlinds are not toys!
  • Avoid Excessive Force Blinds are gentle to use and do not need a lot of force.
  • Do not keep blinds closed with the windows open The constant breeze will keep the blinds in motion and potentially banging, which can significantly shorten their product life.
  • Remember to use your blinds Blinds which are used outlive blinds which aren’t. Remember to operate all blinds from time to time even those which may always be closed or down.
  • Avoid Direct contact with water While most fabrics are mould resistant, they do need to keep dry
  • Avoid installing blinds and curtains together Unnecessary pressure on the blinds may cause the components to weaken or damage. Avoid installing blinds where there are obstacles or curtains already installed.

How much does delivery cost?

To keep things simple to all our customers around Australia, we’ve implemented a flat shipping fee to most areas across Australia. A $40 delivery fee covers most of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Other areas are priced differently, and prices range from $40 to $75. All shipping and delivery fees are calculated in the final step upon checkout.

Highly Recommended Optional Insurance fees

Our deliveries are managed via third party Australian freigh couriers. As delivery and handling is out of our control, we strongly advice to purchase the optional insurance upon checkout. This will give you peace of mind knowing your new blinds are not damaged during transit.

** To find out more about delivery, please visit our customer service page found here **

How long before I get my new blinds?

All AQBO blinds are manufactured in Australia, and sold only in Australia. While we make all efforts to bring you goods in the fastest time frame, our turaround times may get longer during peak seasons such as Christmas and late Sumer. Turnaround times also depend on products chosen. On average acros our product range, the manufacturing turnaround time is around 10-15 working days. Then delivery and freight may take from 1 to 5 days usually, depending on delivery location and state.

I’m installing INSIDE the window frame (In-REVEAL)

We recommend you choose OVER ROLL. This will make the blind appear flush with the wall. There may be a slight light gap of 10mm between the sides of the fabric and the window frame.

I’m installing INSIDE the window frame (In-REVEAL)

I’m installing on the OUTSIDE of the window (FACE FITTED) We recommend you choose UNDER ROLL. This way the blind rolls backwards towards the window, making it appear flush with the wall. It also minimizes light entering into the room. Please ensure your blind size is slightly wider for face fitted blinds than for inside-reveal blinds. See the measuring section for more tips.

We recommend colour-matching the components as close as possible to your chosen fabric colour. For example, a creamy colour fabric will look nice with a white-birch plastic chain, white-birch brackets, and a white-birch bottom rail. Please call us if you are unsure which colours to choose.

The bottom rail shape is purely a personal choice. Oval bottom rails are predominantly more popular and modern.

Not Sure? Need Help?

If you have any questions or queries about any aspect in designing your blind, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist and advise