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Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a modern blind comprising of one fabric piece which covers the entire window. These are operated with a chain which either pulls the fabric up, or lowers it down. Roller blinds are the best way to ensure all direct light does not seap in through between fabric slats. When installed on the face of a window, this provides even more coverage (and is a great solution for cinema or TV rooms). Roller blinds can be made using full blockout fabric, light filtering fabric, or screen mesh.

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Roller blinds(also known as holland blinds) are a fantastic way to add a modern touch to your home. They are an ideal solution for finding privacy and blocking out the sun. Unlike Vertical Blinds, Rollers can only be either fully up or fully down. They come in a vast range of fabrics, which can be mixed and matched with other blind types. Most commonly roller blinds are mixed with vertical blinds, to maximize practicality around the house.

Blockout Vs Light Filtering Vs Screen

Blockout blinds are the most popular option for Australian homes, due to the strong Australian sun and heat. Full Blockout fabric will provide darkness and privacy, and is perfect for facilitating sleep by blocking out direct daylight from seeping in through the fabric. Light filtering blinds offer privacy whilst at the same time allow light to come through. It's the perfect solution for darker homes, or rooms which don't get a lot of natural sunlight. The selection of colours for both blockout and light-filtering fabrics is vast, so you can even mix and match different rooms, whilst keeping the same colour scheme.

Screen fabtrics are threaded and interweaved with weaves between 3-5%. what the means is the amount of light passing through the fabric. Screen fabrics are a great alternative to light alternative to light filtering blinds, as they allow you to see outside whilst the blind is closed.

Great Blockout Coverage
  • Perfect for Cinema Rooms, Bedrooms (blocking out sun), and kitchens (with windows near sinks)
Double Cog System
  • Making operation as smooth as possible
Affordable Window Furnishing
  • Economical Blind Type
Open or Close Operation
  • Roll up or down using chain controls
Easy Brackets
  • Clip-In Clip-Out Brackets
Fully Child Safe Product
  • Roller blind comes with cord tidy bracket for affixing operating chain.
Extended Warranty
  • 2 Year tube + cog
  • Fabric determined by brand (2,3,5)
Heavy Duty Tube
  • Your blinds will not bend or bow.
  • Your choice of Left or Right Side Controls
  • 3 Fabric Types to choose from (Blockout, Light Filtering, or Screen)
  • Roll Direction (Rolling up away from window OR Rolling towards the window)
  • Chain colour (inc. Stainless Steel chain option)
  • Bottom Rail Type & Colour
  • Brackets Colour
  • Easy Clip-In Clip-Out Brackets

Roller blinds are the simplest blind to install. They come with 2 brackets (control side, and opposite site). These can be adjusted based on how the blind is installed; Whether inside the window or on the face of the window. After brackets are secured, the roller blind simply clicks in between those brackets. Its that simple!

For more information, visit the installation section found here.

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